Tuesday, March 3, 2020

A Trip to the Crocodile Farm

This little monkey was determined to take hold of my skirt... 
...but he was unsuccessful. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

More Snapshots


We hiked to Karusuan one Friday night, and then on to Marma the next day to fellowship with the believers there. Marma is situated on the top of a ridge from which you can see the valley on either side and the ocean in front. 

Trip to Mindanao

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Palawan Again: He is Able

I saw God's hand many times over the last "day". In Chicago, a generous airline employee checked my overweight carry-on (I somehow missed the fact that my first two flights weighed carry-on bags too) through to destination, without additional charge, even though I had already filled my allotted two items of checked baggage, one of which was oversized. On the next flight I had an isle seat, yet was able to trade with a mom so she could sit with her son, and I by the window where there was more room for my musical instrument. 

God is our Provider. He is able. From big to little, He knows out needs. Whether it be sleep, or skills, God has the supply. 

The trip was one of unending night until Asia. Leaving Chicago just after midnight, we chased the darkness westward. I count it a blessing however, as I have never had such a decent nor long night's sleep in the air as that 15 hour flight.

Aerial Taiwan

One of many interesting cultural displays in Taiwan
My flight out of Taiwan was delayed. Solidly delayed. Having only the minimum amount of time thought necessary to navigate Manila, I wondered what God would to do to arrange things. In addition to simply navigating the lines and getting to the other airport (Manila has 4 "terminals" which are like separate airports), I had to connect with someone and leave one of my pieces of checked luggage with them.

Flying over Luzon
After somehow getting into the slowest visa and customs lane, and waiting to almost the end of the very slow luggage delivery for my bags, it was nearly 1330. My next flight was about an hour away. I had to get upstairs with all my cart, find my contact and deliver one of my luggages there, and then figure out how to get to the next airport, and go through their security screenings.

By God's grace, I went to the correct meeting spot directly, got transportation right away, and got to the next airport just as the final call for checked baggage for my flight was made. No matter that I didn't have time to get a SIM nor was able to get access to the WIFI, God had it all under control. He sometimes uses things like technology to help us, but He is still our Provider even in the absence of such conveniences of communication. :) He is Able.

Metro Manila
I am grateful for all the prayers, encouragement, and support that I have received from so many! My heart overflows at the goodness of God and His blessings through you!