Monday, January 22, 2018

What Will You Give?

The wise men brought their treasure,
Their gold and precious spice
They gave in heartfelt measure,
Not shrinking at the price

The lad his loaves he offered—
His lunch for Christ that day
So small, yet gladly proffered
—his own to give away

The woman brought her oil,
—the savings of a year
To One she reckoned Royal,
She poured her gift so dear

The widow in her trouble,
Her poverty and need
Delighted, not in double,
But all to give indeed 

Behold and see all heaven
Was poured out for our race
For Christ Himself was given—
Amazing gift of grace!

What will you give for Jesus—who’s given all for you? What will you give? What will you give? He’s given all for you. 

Monday, January 1, 2018


Filled with the fulness of Jesus today—
That is the longing for which I now pray.
Oh to be filled up my Savior with Thee,
Come Holy Spirit, and please fill up me!
Fill me with wisdom, with patience, and love,
Bless me I pray, with all gifts from above!
Make me a blessing to those at my side,
In all I do Father, please be my Guide.
Guard me from harming or hurting a soul,
Rather to help and give hope is my goal.
Use me or not as Your purpose shall be,
Only my God, with Your Spirit fill me!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Morning Prayer

Make me Lord, a sunbeam,
A little ray of light
Doing everything I can,
To make my corner bright

Polish please, the mirror,
That should reflect your face
Making Jesus clearer,
In this, my lowly place

Turn my eyes to Jesus,
Full, enfaced to Him
No one, or thing distracting,
To make the picture dim

Let me die this morning,
That Christ alone might be
Living, shining, serving,
In little sunbeam me!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

The sun that shines upon the earth;
The wonder of a baby’s birth;
The moon that radiates at night;
With stars that shine a brilliant light;

The showers that refresh the land;
The plant and bud on every hand;
The lofty trees with mighty roots;
The shrubs and vines and tiny shoots;

The waving grain and great blue sky;
The harvest time with its supply;
The spring and summer, cold and snow—
Declare a thing, a message show

They speak of a Creator’s love,
And show a Father’s heart above
They tell of He who holds our days,
And guards our very path and ways

The sense of sight, and touch, and smell;
The workings of the human cell;
The steady beating of the heart;
The complexity of every part;

The bounties on our table spread,
Or water with a little bread;
And that which for the soul we gain—
The Bread from Him that will sustain—

The Sabbath with its joyful rest,
Of which we are so richly blessed;
And then the Gift of gifts, the One
Whose glory outshines star and sun;

These things continually retell,
That God above does all things well
They show a love surpassing thought,
In all these gifts displayed and wrought

Continually the evidence,
Of our God’s benevolence, 
Tells His love and sings His praise—
Then why not our thanksgiving raise?

Sunday, November 5, 2017

If you were wearing Solomon's shoes...

If you were wearing Solomon’s shoes
What would you want? What would you choose?
If bright this morning, on your knees,
The Lord has asked you what you please

Would you have asked for wealth or fame? 
Or for a well-respected name?
Would you have asked a pleasant life—
Devoid of challenge, strain, or strife?

Would you have wanted something good
That still was not the best you could?
A life of ease or longer days?
Or human words of love and praise?

Or maybe skill for some nice task—
Would that be what you’d want and ask?
To sing like birds...or speak like gold
Or gain a talent yet untold...

Let not the good supplant the best.
For those who ask will still be blessed
When they delight themselves in Him,
Whose choicest blessings never dim

For God “will give that which is good”
And if this thing we understood,
We’d trust the plan He had in mind
And crave each gift that He designed 

We’d want to want what He would choose,
No matter what we’d gain or lose
For just as Solomon gained more
In seeking wisdom from God’s store

When we will seek Him first and best,
Then can be added all the rest,
For such will have it’s proper place,
When far eclipsed by Jesus’ face!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Stay Close to the Light

Stay close to the Light,
And follow His lead,
Because in the night,
His guidance we need

Stay close to the Light,
When questions arise,
The way, truth, the right,
May come as surprise

Stay close to the Light,
-Our Savior and Friend-
Or wander we might,
In tide or in trend

Stay close to the Light,
For safe is His way,
His lamp, it is bright,
While near it we stay

Stay close to the Light,
Yet, faith must still grow
In trusting His sight
For what we don't know

Stay close, my dear friend, to the Light!

Sunday, October 8, 2017


Could we peel away the sky,
Could we answer every "Why",
Could we plumb the waters deep or ocean wide
Could we look into the realm
Of the waves that overwhelm, 
Or explain the ebb and flow of lunar tide

Could we answer every doubt,
And describe our total route,
Could we map our lives from genesis and on
Could we always, fully know,
Would we ever fully grow,
In the faith that sees at night the morning dawn? 

For the faith that has it's sight,
And is strengthened with the night,
When tested, proved, comes forth a brighter gold
Through days of darkness now,
With trusting we can bow,
And with thanks, commit to Him what's yet untold!