Thursday, September 27, 2012

Between Mizpeh and a Rocky Crag pt. 2

      Wonderful experience though it was, Israel could not remain in Mizpeh forever. Nor can you and I. There is work to do while it is day. The decisions made in Mizpeh must be carried into effect in regions beyond. There is a world to reach.

      There stands a stone between watchtower and Shen. Shen… sharp tooth… cliff… rocky crag. Yes the stone. "Ebenezer" by name. Between that mountain top with God, and a rocky crag. It cries out in warning, encouragement, and remembrance of deliverance in our past history. “Hitherto…”

      The God who has redeemed us, has not yet failed His children, and there is evidence that He never will. One there is who is able to keep us from falling off Shen’s precipice. 

      Ebenezer. “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us”. The promise still stands for those whose inherited and cultivated tendencies would loosen their foothold upon the Rock. This is the Stone upon which we can build in safety when we leave our Mizpeh. 

      Between Mizpeh and a precipice, there is a Rock upon which to rest our weight. It is higher than you and I. “Who is a Rock save our God?” “Doth the eagle mount up at thy command, and make her nest on high? She dwelleth and abideth on the Rock, upon the crag of the Rock, and the strong place.” Psalm 18:31 & Job 39:27-28. 

      We may be between Mizpeh and a rocky crag. We may feel ourselves on the edge of Shen, of falling off the precipice. But take courage my friends, the Stone which the builders rejected stands here for you and me. 

      Build thereon while it is called today...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Between Mizpah and a Rocky Crag pt. 1

      Mizpeh… watchtower. The place of seeking the Lord, fasting, prayer, and sacrifice. The place we are called to on a daily basis: morning by morning to ask for the Lord’s mercies and offer the sacrifice of our hearts before Him. Mizpeh… 

      It was as Israel congregated in a place called watchtower that the enemy made its advance. While in that quiet place with God, the Philistines drew near to do battle with God’s children. The fact that an enemy comes upon us does not mean that we are not within the shadow of communion. The Guardian of our souls can deliver just as ably when His children are gathered at Mizpeh.

      Deliverance, swift and deafening, bolted to the aid of weakness. Just when I need Him. Jesus is near. 

      In answer to the cry of faith, the cry of those who trust in Him, God moves. Mizpeh is a place of refuge. A place of retreat. A place of sacrifices, personal sacrifices. Sacrifices of the heart. Surrender. Mizpeh: a place of commitment to God.

     Neglect to go to Mizpeh, — neglect the means of deliverance. We should no more skip our Mizpeh than we should skip getting dressed in the morning. Israel’s experience of deliverance can be ours as well, but not without its experience of surrender.

      Experience the surrender, experience the deliverance. Know Mizpeh. 

For soon, you may meet a rocky crag...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Elmshaven - A Place of Sacrifice

A place of history... a place of commitment... a place of sacrifice.
Flowers do not cease their blossom in a place of sacrifice. At the age when many seek retirement and relief from caring labor, Mrs. White continued her toil in the gospel field. Letters, book writing and editing, an incredible amount of preaching, a steady stream of guests, visitation, evangelism, medical missionary work filled her life.

Early morning hours were no strangers to Mrs. White. This is the chair in Mrs. White's bedroom in which she often studied and wrote.

One of the tile bordered fireplaces of the home.

Much was written during Mrs. White's time at Elmshaven. Volumes 6-9 of Testimonies for the Church; The Ministry of Healing; Gospel Workers; & Education among other books; numerous articles, and letters written from a heart that loved her Savior, a heart that shrank not from sacrifice.

How can a person live so continually for God and others? How can a person  endure constant sacrifice? 

When sacrifice springs from love, love creates its perception. Love engulfs it, turning it into something unimaginable. The sacrifice is still there, but the eyes look higher. They see the Love that changes any offering into privilege, and sacrifice to joy.
The carriage often took Mrs. White to her neighbor's doors, to visit them, pray for, and encourage them. 

Elmshaven may be a National Historic Landmark, but history is passed. Yes, Elmshaven saw sacrifice... and it also saw love... A deep love for humanity and for the One Altogether Lovely... An active life lived from love for God's service. But what of Your-haven and My-haven? Do we know sacrifice?

Do we know Love?