Monday, September 17, 2012

Between Mizpah and a Rocky Crag pt. 1

      Mizpeh… watchtower. The place of seeking the Lord, fasting, prayer, and sacrifice. The place we are called to on a daily basis: morning by morning to ask for the Lord’s mercies and offer the sacrifice of our hearts before Him. Mizpeh… 

      It was as Israel congregated in a place called watchtower that the enemy made its advance. While in that quiet place with God, the Philistines drew near to do battle with God’s children. The fact that an enemy comes upon us does not mean that we are not within the shadow of communion. The Guardian of our souls can deliver just as ably when His children are gathered at Mizpeh.

      Deliverance, swift and deafening, bolted to the aid of weakness. Just when I need Him. Jesus is near. 

      In answer to the cry of faith, the cry of those who trust in Him, God moves. Mizpeh is a place of refuge. A place of retreat. A place of sacrifices, personal sacrifices. Sacrifices of the heart. Surrender. Mizpeh: a place of commitment to God.

     Neglect to go to Mizpeh, — neglect the means of deliverance. We should no more skip our Mizpeh than we should skip getting dressed in the morning. Israel’s experience of deliverance can be ours as well, but not without its experience of surrender.

      Experience the surrender, experience the deliverance. Know Mizpeh. 

For soon, you may meet a rocky crag...

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