Thursday, August 18, 2016

God's Success

Dying to live, giving to have, surrender to conquer, and choosing to leave the choice with God are all part of that life that measures with the life of God... the life of human failure that allows God to succeed. Such a life can be rightly called an ultimate success, because it is not human success. It is a success of the power of Heavenly transformation. 

Our usefulness and destiny 
Depend not on our birth,
And beauty is no guarantee
Of what a life is worth.

The genius, or the master mind,
Speak not of moral weight.
Too often those of brilliance find
They've learned it far too late.

It isn't chance or incident
That tells us who we are.
One failure does not represent
Our aptitude and par.

It's rather in the daily choice
That we can see our make,
Our habits tell with candid voice
If we're a fraud or fake.

But even habits can be changed
And molded by our Lord.
Our filthiness can be exchanged—
His heart in us restored.

It's work that only He can do—
To carve in us His face.
Each blow is shaping us anew,
Each stroke another grace.

He will not strike us needlessly,
He knows our feeble frame,
And how to make us fully free
Of sin and all its shame.

So no it isn't prettiness
That makes a girl like gold,
Nor is in strength the manliness
That makes his worth untold.

But in yielding up the will,
Despite the cost and pain,
Is found the one essential skill
For true success and gain.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


It's obstacles that make you strong,
And not that helping hand
It's difficulties all along,
That give you strength to stand

Those hard responsibilities,
That conflict or rebuff,
Those things that take from life it's ease,
It's these that make you tough

So challenges are not that bad—
They're blessings in disguise
So when you face them don't be sad,
For they will make you wise!