Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Notable Curtains and Eternal Surprises

      With mounting anticipation, after months of waiting and hours of travel, the final scheme is set. FaceTime from the closet, behind new curtains. Notable curtains.

      Exuberant suspense. 


      “I talked to Grandpa the other day…” my brother began in his most noble attempt at nonchalant composure. “He is thinking about buying a car…”

      Wow! It didn’t take them long! I think, poised behind those long, brown pieces of fabric. Here they come. My breath almost stops in mid air. 

      “Oh, look. These are our new curtains.” My sisters pause to note the newly hung drapery.

      Forget FT. The time had come. Those noteworthy curtains whoosh back. 

Priceless. Absolutely. Priceless. 

      • • • • •

      My mind is drawn back through the centuries. Another surprise. A bigger surprise. Centuries of waiting, not weeks. 

     That time though, there was not instant recognition. That time, those who had been told that One was coming, the ones who should have been there when He arrived weren’t. In fact, it was as if they were the ones at home, oblivious of what was happening, and those who had not been told were seeking Him. 

      Can you imagine? Heaven has been breathlessly waiting… The time has come… The curtain is about to be drawn away from the character of God. He is about to be revealed in reality. 

      And they are unconscious of it. The gift is undiscerned.

      • • • • •

      My mind speeds forward. Another surprise. Centuries of waiting passed. He is coming again. We have been told. The world will have been told. Still, some will be surprised. 

      But those who wait. They will know. Instant recognition. 

Priceless. Absolutely. Priceless.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Some time ago, our hearts were bound,
With ties of friendship dear
For God did sow seeds in the ground,
Where love would soon appear ;)
My sister now, and still my friend,
Though physically not near,
I pray God's blessings start to end
On this your newest year!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Song to Sing

There is a song I have to sing
Of simple praise unto my King
For He has laid His grace on me
Who would be lost eternally

Were it not for the gift of One
Who loved me as His only Son
Who lived and loved and sought and died
Between two robbers crucified

I could not taste His grace so sweet
Nor ever hope His face to meet
I could not be made pure and white
Had God not pitied human plight

But pitied He and more than this
He walked on earth in holiness
That not of man's nor angel's heart
But of God's own He will impart

No seriph knows the Father's grace
But Adam's sinful, helpless race
Can taste and see its matchless strength
Its height and depth, and endless length

That human flesh- corrupt with sin
Could become pure and whole within
Is tribute to the grace of One
Who will not cease what He's begun

For even in eternity
Upon that clearest crystal sea
This song the saints will ever raise
In earnest, heartfelt, grateful praise

To Him who brought new life and birth,
To dying sinners on this earth
Not just in "them" this change to be,
But also Lord, I pray in me!