Thursday, June 16, 2016

God's Detours

When traveling the paths of earth,
The road may often turn
But it’s God’s timing we unearth,
If we His ways will learn

Often looking as we do,
His trail seems drab and plain,
When where we’d planned to travel through
Seems better ground to gain

We see the beauty that we think
Will make our route so bright,
And fail to note the rose or pink
That blooms the more at night

We think it not the quickest way
To get right to our goal,
But God’s detours will repay
A wealth into the soul

At first the scen’ry may not charm
His way appear quite bleak,
But Heaven knoweth every harm
From which to guard the meek

And when we turn into His will
And give up on our own,
More than our dreams He’ll fulfill
For in us His are sown

One day our eyes will see above
And understand His ways,
And for the detours of love
We’ll lift our hearts in praise

So now my friends, when corners come
Do not give place to gloom,
For it is in God’s detours
That His promises will bloom.