Sunday, September 2, 2012

Elmshaven - A Place of Sacrifice

A place of history... a place of commitment... a place of sacrifice.
Flowers do not cease their blossom in a place of sacrifice. At the age when many seek retirement and relief from caring labor, Mrs. White continued her toil in the gospel field. Letters, book writing and editing, an incredible amount of preaching, a steady stream of guests, visitation, evangelism, medical missionary work filled her life.

Early morning hours were no strangers to Mrs. White. This is the chair in Mrs. White's bedroom in which she often studied and wrote.

One of the tile bordered fireplaces of the home.

Much was written during Mrs. White's time at Elmshaven. Volumes 6-9 of Testimonies for the Church; The Ministry of Healing; Gospel Workers; & Education among other books; numerous articles, and letters written from a heart that loved her Savior, a heart that shrank not from sacrifice.

How can a person live so continually for God and others? How can a person  endure constant sacrifice? 

When sacrifice springs from love, love creates its perception. Love engulfs it, turning it into something unimaginable. The sacrifice is still there, but the eyes look higher. They see the Love that changes any offering into privilege, and sacrifice to joy.
The carriage often took Mrs. White to her neighbor's doors, to visit them, pray for, and encourage them. 

Elmshaven may be a National Historic Landmark, but history is passed. Yes, Elmshaven saw sacrifice... and it also saw love... A deep love for humanity and for the One Altogether Lovely... An active life lived from love for God's service. But what of Your-haven and My-haven? Do we know sacrifice?

Do we know Love?


  1. Mmm… true love embodies sacrifice. Yet when captivated by His love, to sacrifice is joy, to give is gain…

  2. Love this post :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. I've been here twice and enjoyed both visits. It truly is a place where Jesus' presence is still felt.

  4. What a beautiful and precious example she set! I want to learn more of the joy of sacrifice... I'm so glad you got to go to Elmshaven finally! :)