Friday, January 13, 2012

Make Me Lord a Blessing

O can I be a blessing,
To anyone today?
Can I loose a burden's weight,
By what I do or say?
I want to be a blessing,
To lift a load of care
To pass on the refreshing,
That with me God does share

Please make me Lord a blessing-
A channel for Your grace
Unfold in me your likeness,
My selfish heart replace
Purge the dross that stains my soul,
And may I truly be,
Yielded under Your control,
A blessing Lord from Thee

With heaven's light descending,
Illumining our all,
We then can be a blessing,
In answer to Christ's call
Christ's given us immeasurably,
More blessings than we know
So let us share the bounty,
His blessings let us show

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