Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stand for God

      The Hebrew worthies stood when the world bowed. What do we do? Do we bow to personal favor, popularity, or temporal pursuits? When human achievements call, do we answer and bow to them? Do we bow with the world, or do we stand with God? God stood. The three noble Hebrews stood. What about you and I?

Stand for God in a bow-down world,
Christ stands for me and you
When Satan's colors are unfurled,
We may to God be true

When all within us would bow down,
Christ offers us His hand
By faith behold a better crown,
Through faith in Jesus stand

We're called as witnesses for Christ,
And yet to stand we fear
But He who calls us knows the price,
And says, Be of good cheer

The One for whom we're called to stand,
Stood by the noble three
In flames, though bound by human hand,
With Jesus they were free!

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