Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lessons of Life

      Life is full of lessons that we can learn if we take the time to notice them. God has put a profusion of object lessons into nature and our daily existence. Even in that fact there is something to learn: God does not waste. He could have set up an educational institution that would be attended for a couple hours daily by all who wanted to learn to live like Christians. But our all-knowing Heavenly Father didn’t do that. Yes, there is that special time each morning to study from our Creator, but God has made life itself to be a school for us. The spare minutes of time, so easily wasted, are full of potential if used to learn of God. 

The sunbeams from our Father's hand,
Recite His heart of love 
The very ground on which we stand,
Speaks volumes from above
The hill, the sea, and fertile plain,
Are written every day
With truths and lessons we should gain,
If we would learn God's way

So as we seek from God to learn,
What treasure we may find!
The daily tasks, or misty fern,
Are vittles for the mind
Life's little circumstances preach,
They're blessings for our sake
An accident may even teach,
Of things that will not break

Let's read today from nature's book,
From smell and sight and sound
Let's strive to take a deeper look,
For lessons can be found
In home or school, at work or play,
There's something we can learn
For God has lessons to convey,
That we will Him discern

      Here’s a key: the scriptures illuminate nature. “Nature and revelation” do alike testify of God, but our faulty human reasoning can easily lead us amiss. In looking for object lessons, let us dig deeper into the word. Psalm 119:67 says, “Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept thy word.” Keep the word, learn the lessons, and learn of Him who is Life.

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  1. There are certainly many spiritual lessons that we can learn from nature! Nice poem that you wrote.