Friday, July 27, 2012

A Humble Vessel

      “Boioioing kirclink!” As I grab my travel-scarred water bottle, my ears are greeted with the familiar clink of unscrewing stainless steel. My canteen is in ongoing service. Day in, day out, it travels with me. A humble vessel? Yes, but treasured for what it holds.
      The particular type of water bottle that I happen to be blessed with is not quiet. It clinks before you drink, and it clinks after you drink, and it clinks if it experiences too sudden contact with a hard surface. Does this particular character flaw stop me from utilizing the container? No. The vital part is internal. Would the bottle be easier to use if it was quiet? Yes, but it can still be used for good. 
      The vessel may have defects, but the precious contents would be lost if it were discarded. Each container is important because it has the potential to hold pure, living Water. There is a Fountain with an unending supply. The limiting factor is with the containers. It was so in Elisha’s day, and it is so today. 
      “Boioioing kirkleclink!” I drink again. Thankfully in the christian life, there is growth. While my bottle will not be growing out of it’s clinking any time soon, by the grace of God you and I have that blessed opportunity. Giving what we possess, we can be vessels unto the honor of God and saving of souls. But what we hold is of vital importance. Is it life-giving, refreshing draughts of the Savior? Or is it the cares of this life? Of what do we think? Of what do we speak? Of what do we dream and plan to accomplish?

      "Fill the whole heart with the words of God. They are the living water quenching your thirst." - {CE 57.1}. Let us strive to be vessels, however humble, but filled with LIving Water.

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