Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Greatest Miracle

The greatest miracle is not
To make the sun stand still
Nor even fill a flour pot
Without the grain or mill
It's not to calm a raging sky
Nor walk upon the sea
It's not to make a fleece that's dry
When dripping it should be

The greatest miracle is more
Than opening blind eyes
Far better it, than to restore
And make the dead to rise
Great miracles of God these are
But just a glimpse they give
Into that one which is by far
Worth every life to live

When out of human life there shines
The glory of God's face
When in the soul are drawn the lines
Of heaven's matchless grace
When God His love to us imparts
Oh wonder at the sight
That God can place in human hearts
His love so pure and bright

The greatest miracle is this-
Unthinkable it be
That God Himself, the Lord of bliss
Should touch the heart in me
Having bridged the great abyss
Himself eternally
To plant in us Love's highest kiss
-His love beyond degree!


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  2. Amen! This treasure--in _earthen_ vessels.