Monday, January 22, 2018

What Will You Give?

The wise men brought their treasure,
Their gold and precious spice
They gave in heartfelt measure,
Not shrinking at the price

The lad his loaves he offered—
His lunch for Christ that day
So small, yet gladly proffered
—his own to give away

The woman brought her oil,
—the savings of a year
To One she reckoned Royal,
She poured her gift so dear

The widow in her trouble,
Her poverty and need
Delighted, not in double,
But all to give indeed 

Behold and see all heaven
Was poured out for our race
For Christ Himself was given—
Amazing gift of grace!

What will you give for Jesus—who’s given all for you? What will you give? What will you give? He’s given all for you. 

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