Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gather the Roses

      The promises of God: what a precious blessing they are! They encourage, strengthen, uplift, ennoble. God has given them already, it is up to us what we will do with them. Will we cherish them? Will we search for them? Will we share them with those in need? Will we value them? The promise of God are like flowers: Very beautiful when you stop to look at them, but they will not stop the busy passer-by. We must take time to pick the roses. The Heavenly Gardener has many flowers suited to each need. He knows exactly which flower to give, which promise to put before our eyes at the time of greatest need. Here are a few of God's flowers. 
      "Your life is precious in the sight of God. He has a work for you to do. It is not unfolded to you now, but just walk on trustingly without a single word, because this would grieve the dear Jesus and show that you were afraid to trust Him. Lay your hand in His; He is reaching over the battlements of heaven [for it] to be laid confidingly in His. Oh, what love, what tender love has Jesus manifested in our behalf. The Bible promises are the pinks and the roses and the lilies in the garden of the Lord... Do not listen to Satan’s lies, but recount God’s promises. Gather the roses and the lilies and the pinks. Talk of the promises of God. Talk faith. Trust in God, for He is your only hope. He is my only hope." – {DG 146}

Gather the roses, the lilies, and pinks,
Destiny rests upon that which one thinks
Promises brighten the heart and the mind,
But contemplate doubts and thorns you will find

There may be briers that poke and that prick,
But cherish the blooms that near them are thick
Dwell upon trials and thorns multiply,
Though promises blossom in heaven's supply

When thistles increase, and hardships abound,
Look for the blossoms that there will be found
Flowers like promises sent from above,
Bloom bright in trials of patience and love

Contemplate blessings, and more will be seen,
Splashing their colors across fields of green
Dwell in the pastures where God's word is found,
Eating each morning from heavenly ground

Gather the roses, the lilies, each one,
Pick them ahead of the fast rising sun
Think and consider upon heaven's word,
Faith will then strengthen and hope be assured

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