Monday, February 13, 2012

Speak Lord

Oh may I hear the whisper,
Each faintest, softest call
And quickly send an answer,
To heaven's waiting hall
Speak Lord, for Your servant hears,
Enlighten now my mind
Open now my deafened ears,
That You my soul may find

The Spirit speaks with power,
Convicting me of sin
Unpleasant though the hour,
Again I say within
Speak Lord for Your servant hears,
Please quiet not Your voice
Though it's message comes in tears,
Conviction is my choice

The voice of God brings healing,
To those who are in need
He knows with what we're dealing,
His word restores indeed
Speak Lord for your servants hear,
What are our woes to You?
You beckon to "Be of good cheer",
For You will see us through


  1. Amen! Thank you Lauralea for posting that! Is that a song that you composed?

    1. Praise God~ No, this isn't a song...yet. ;) But what is only a poem today, may be a song tomorrow!