Tuesday, March 6, 2012

If we had Known... part 3

      God did not bring us to north-west Montana for one reason only. There have been numerous evidences of God’s providence and guiding hand. We have seen blessings from the Father’s hand that we did not anticipate. The beauty of the mountains has brought much inspiration to our hearts. The local church family has blessed us and impacted our lives in ways that has brought us closer to Jesus. God’s book of nature, church outreach projects, family time, all these things have blessed us. They have made their impression upon us. Little things have made their impact as well: lessons from the Lord while chopping stove wood, or in the garden; quiet talks with the Creator who still loves to visit with His creation in the cool of the day; the daily round of home duties, or new adventures and plans. 

      There has been outdoor recreation with our dear church family. There has been wood-hauling, splitting, and stacking, again with our church family. Spontaneous, sweet fellowship in Christ, outreach planning sessions, and young adult camping...we have been truly blessed. That hour of prayer before the YA evangelistic series — those of you who were there know that to which I speak. As a family, we have been challenged to grow higher and still higher, to become more like the One who is the essence of life. There have been trials, yes, but the trials shrivel when compared with the fullness of Christ. The blessings that we have been so generously blessed with, are blessings indeed when placed in the foundation of Christ’s indwelling. Without Christ, these things, however wonderful, are not lovely. Without Christ, the richest blessings of God’s hand do not reach the heart of His wandering children. Rightly placed in Christ, they are His overflowing bounties.Yes, there have been many reasons that God led us to Montana.

     But there is one reason that has recently brought much rejoicing to our house. Her name is Rachel...my brother’s fiancé. Yes, God has led two lives together in a beautiful and amazing way. Who could’ve known that this was a why behind our family ending up in Montana. Who could have known, but a Heavenly Father, our Heavenly Father - He who cares for the inmost desires of our hearts? 

      Psalm 48:14 says, “For this God is our God, He will be our guide even unto death.” This God: the One who bent over Eden’s clay and formed a human being, fashioning each aspect of whom he would become; the One who led Israel in a cloudy pillar by day, and fiery pillar by night; the One whose hand lifted the dead to new life; the One who is alive and well today, is our God. He it is who will be our guide, as the Psalmist penned, unto death. God indeed has guided. He who has begun this work in the lives of my brother and sister-to-be will be faithful to complete it. 

      Had we known…I smile as I think about what we might have thought or done had we anticipated this blessing before it appeared. God sees beyond the curtain of the future and reveals to us only what we need to know. I am glad for that. Our human eyes might lead us to pursue a course opposite to God’s appointed plan. It leads me to to ponder how entire our dependence upon God should be. Every difficulty we come to is an opportunity to let faith grasp more firmly upon the Infinite One. Had we known...Had we known, it would have answered many of our questions, but then faith would not have had that opportunity to grow. Now, we can look behind us and let faith be strengthened for the future days. “In the darkest days, when appearances seem most forbidding, have faith in God.He is working out His will, doing all things well in behalf of His people.” – {MH 482.1} I agree, doing all things very well… Again I smile. 

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  1. Mhm. If we had known...faith would not have had that opportunity to grow. So true.

    I am so happy that these two committed lives are merging. This is only the beginning of the wonderful things God will do in their life together!