Monday, March 12, 2012

True Holiness

True holiness
Is not a bliss
That raptures us away
It's not a life 
Devoid of strife
'Til heaven's perfect day

True holiness
Is eagerness
To do the Father's will
It sees a need
Performs a deed
God's purpose to fulfill

True holiness
Is trustfulness
When in the dark we are
It sees the light
Both day and night
By faith it sees afar

True holiness
Is truly this
A heart devoid of self
It is the soul
To God the whole
Surrendered to Himself

True holiness
Of this consists
Of resting in God's love
Of trusting when
We fall and sin
That still, God saves above

True holiness
God's holiness
A working out of grace
In us to be
The beauty of God's face 


  1. Thank-you for summing up true holiness in this beautiful poem, Lauralea. It encouraged me.

  2. Such a beautiful poem once again, Lauralea. Thank you for sharing! It was a blessing… Hugs! <3