Sunday, October 21, 2012

INFC_A New Day

      A new day. A new time. Change is here again. Seasons come and go so quickly that it seems only the adaptable person could get accustomed to a change before it changes again. 

      Over the years, we have been blessed, encouraged, challenged, inspired… stretched way out of our comfort zone. Need I say it again? Way out.

      Now, that day is over. Yet it remains. Challenges, blessings, inspiration, these continue to come. Heaven-ordained stretching? It hasn’t stopped. That’s a good thing.

      Heaven ordains it that way. Change may come to us as a very unwelcome thing, yet without change the pool becomes stagnant, the water muddy. More changes are doubtless about to burst their challenges and blessings across our path. But that’s okay. 

      Heaven ordains it that way. Not that our Father in heaven brings about every change that comes upon us, but He can use every change to profit. 

      The words of the hymn dash across my mind: In every change… He. Faithful. Will. Remain.

My friends this day is not yet done,
There's battles still to fight
Eternity has not begun,
There still remaineth night
Though changes come within the day,
We must keep on our course
For pressing on the upward way,
Will bring us no remorse

This thing of change seems to remain,
When surely change must cease 
But at each turn through joy or pain,
We're offered heaven's peace
We cannot fight, we cannot work,
Apart this holy grace
Dear friends, I beg you do not shirk,
To seek Him in this place

When camp is done and home you go,
It may seem dark as night
But this you can both trust and know,
That One for you will fight
Oh friends in trial deep and long,
Our God can hold your home
For each one in His arms belong,
Eternally, at home!

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