Saturday, October 27, 2012

A New Year ;)

A new year has begun for me,
I know not what it holds
I cannot count the joys I'll see,
Until it's path unfolds
I can't foretell the cliff ahead,
The valley I must meet
The dangers through which I must tread,
Or what distress I'll greet

But this I know, in this I rest,
That He the future keeps
Who's felt earth's joys and trial's test,
Whose watch-care never sleeps
This One abides beyond our sphere,
His view sees start and end
On Him, through all this coming year,
On Him we can depend

Dependance is a wondrous thing-
A weakness to pursue
For when to God in faith we cling,
His grace will see us through
Then may we know this more and more,
Our need and His supply
That we will grow to trust the store,
On which we can rely

So in this year may you and I,
Grow more to lean on Him
Who every need can satisfy,
With overflowing brim
Through what may come within its day,
If on God we depend
He'll lead us in His perfect way,
Unto the very end!

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