Saturday, November 3, 2012

Consider It Joy

Long centuries ago, a scripture was penned,
Enlightening the Christian's night
A precept to show, and blessing defend,
It still gives to Christian's their sight
This word in the flame, when taken to heart,
Will comfort, bring hope, and uplift
In floods, just the same, a gift t'will impart,
To buoy those who feel they're adrift

So what is this word, this most precious thought,
That cheers those who heed it's advice?
That tests those who've heard, entreating for naught,
The ones who make gloom to suffice?
Oh, "Count it all joy", is Heaven's high word,
To all who face trial and test
When troubles annoy, and grief seems assured,
This note rings above all the rest

Consider it joy, and count it the same,
When troubles and trials surround
When fear would destroy, all peace in the flame,
Faith holds, and so joy can abound
This joy will not come, apart divine grace,
- It's song is a gift from above -
But will overcome, in trial's dark face,
Through faith in God's mercy and love!

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