Wednesday, November 21, 2012


    Opportunity… that visit not yet made, that smile not yet shared, that duty not yet done. That is opportunity. 

      The seconds tick-tock their way to eternal reckoning. My eyes land upon my desk drawer, reminding me of stationery waiting for pencil led. Opportunity awaits in that drawer. Opportunity to uplift, encourage, strengthen in God the hand of another. Opportunity to praise the name of the Lord… 

      God gives opportunity… 

      What do we do with it? What do we do with it? Opportunity does not force action. That same desk-drawer paper pad can discourage, dishearten, and disconnect a soul from its Creator. 

      Opportunity surrounds us. The fields are white. The laborers… few. What use will eternity show that we have made of the moments given?

      This is our day of opportunity. Whether pencil must meet line, or mop the kitchen floor, whether song must be sung, or disagreeable thing done... that is opportunity. What we do with it? It's up to us. 

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