Monday, May 20, 2013


      Quietness. Yes, the highway roars. Let it. It’s quiet here. The miracle of acquiescence is more beautiful with every encounter. I see why Christ lived between the mountain and the multitude. Quietness. True quietness. Not merely a change of decibels, but stillness in the soul.

      Quiet is natural for some of us. In the flurry of work and school and home life and ministry,  we're quiet. We wonder that the more verbal in our midst do not run out of words. But there's a quiet that is deeper than lips. It knows the tone of the Still Small Voice when the soul is silent.  

      It’s the stillness that stood when mobs screamed, when demons raged, when all the powers of darkness bent their bows against Him. And He opened not His mouth. Usually the calm comes post storm. But He had stillness in it. 

      Life now is merely full. Mobs don't surround most of us on our way to work. But in the multitude, where's the quiet? We can't carry the stillness of a mountaintop in a bottle.

      …In returning and rest shall you be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength… Isaiah 30:15. Returning...  repentance...  surrender...  acquiescence.

Oneness...  communion…  strength…  rest… 

* * * * *

Here are a few snapshots of quiet times from recent life. ;) 

Morning walk

Lessons of unity in a square foot

Family memories

Empire Mine

Scheming up a sunny surprise with my sister... :)

A Sabbath picnic...

NEWSTART supplies for Yosemite—good thing we had the bus!

Like water to thirsty eyes... 

Back to the multitude

The cherry stand

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