Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thank You, Father

Father, thank You for this day,
For the privilege to pray
For communion with the King,
And a song of praise to sing

Thank You Father for the way,
You lead Your children day by day
Though all things to You are known,
To us, just what we need is shown

Thank You that Your grace is high,
Above, beyond the reach of sky
Yet it grasps the lowest soul,
That yields itself to Your control

Thank You that Your strength is there,
When all our own is weak as air
That You lend to us Your arm,
To lift us from the waves of harm

Thank You for the gift of hope,
That is to us a telescope
Bringing near what's far away,
And making clear a better day

Thank You Lord for Your commands,
That each enables its demands
Though impossible alone,
With You to fail is never known

Thank You- O how weak the word,
But it so graciously is heard
By our Father and our Friend,
From whom all good gifts do descend!


  1. So sweet. :)

    God bless!
    ♥ Aspirer

    1. Thanks for stopping by! :) God bless you as well ~