Monday, April 21, 2014

In spite of night...

No encouragement here to sing more than you pray. But simply put, when your songs are prayers, by all means sing them. 

You see, there is a power in relying, allying, and complying with Omnipotence that sets the heart at peace. And from that peace, we can sing. 

Duty may call perpendicular to desire. Shadows may seek to claim the sunbeams.

But in the gathering dusk, let me tell you there is power in praise… bring peace and delight in spite of the night. When you’d rather be between cotton and quilt, or when you’d rather see the dawn. 

When shadows cross your road,
Sing a song.
When heavy weighs your load,
Sing a song.
When darkness presses round,
Let the praise to God abound,
And thanksgiving then resound,
Sing a song.

When duty's call is hard,
Sing a song.
When from the battle scarred,
Sing a song.
For the Lord is on His throne,
Still He careth for His own,
And my friend, you're not alone,
Sing a song.

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