Friday, April 18, 2014

Kneeling and Healing

It’s a rare privilege, but here it’s everyday. Throughout the round and routine of patients and treatments, it is an oasis in time. Stresses soften. Burdens lighten. 

Private prayer is powerful. No question. 
Praying for people is as well. We call it intercession.

But then there is that gem of praying with a patient.  

When sickness of body often follows sickness of soul, when pain in the home-life often brings on pain in the physical life, when mental burdens often load the human frame with disease, people need more than a massage therapist. 

Human touch is woefully inadequate for a hurt that runs so deep.

And so we pray. 

Healing comes alone from heaven. A higher hand than mine is needed.
And so we pray.

Day by day, this I see, that oh, there must be less of me.
For in kneeling comes a healing that no other way could be.

It is a miracle. 

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