Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Recognizing Christ

      Have you ever been in the very embarrassing situation of meeting someone you know, but do not recognize? People change, grow up, grow old, make different choices that affect their personal appearance, etc. Of course, in such a situation, the person is still the same person. The fact that visual recognition did not take place, does not mean that Jane Smith is no longer Jane Smith. 
      Have you noticed that if you know someone very well, you can tell who they are by the way that they walk? Even if I don’t see them at all, I can usually tell which one of my family members is walking down the hallway by the way in which they walk.

      This morning in my worship I was struck by this quote: “There were in the throng some who at Christ’s baptism had beheld the divine glory, and had heard the voice of God. But since that time the Saviour’s appearance had greatly changed. At His baptism they had seen His countenance transfigured in the light of heaven; now, pale, worn, and emaciated, He had been recognized only by the prophet John.” – {DA 137.3} 

      Christ, Someone who should have been noticed by the entire throng as the sent of God, was not recognized. Only John saw the Savior as who He was. The question that came to me was this: Do I recognize Christ in the person of every human that He died to save? Do I see the Savior in every child of Adam? Beyond that, do I treat each with the same care and solicitude that I would wish to show to the God of Heaven?
      In order to recognize Christ in each human brother and sister, we need to see clearer the features of Christ. We need to know Him. This was the call of the Lord to me this morning. May we be able to discern His footstep. May be hear it, and know of a surety that this is our God

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