Friday, August 1, 2014

Sonshine & Shadow

Let praise and thanksgiving

Resound to the One

Who knows no misgiving

Through shadow or sun

He giveth and taketh,

But blessed is He

Who never forsaketh,

Though dark the day be

His ear is not deafened,

His hand is not tied,

His grace will extend

To the soul that is tried

At dusk don't forget this-

God's honor and name

Are staked on the promise

That He is the Same

He's proven His faithfulness

In days of old,

So let us have thankfulness

For what He'll unfold

Then lift up your head

To the clouds in the sky,

For our Father has said

All our needs, He'll supply

And though troubles gather

Like vultures of prey,

Remember our Brother

Has passed by this way

He knows what we'll take

To become purest gold,

And our hearts He will make

To His character mould

Then rest in the promise

Of Him who is true,

For He is still working 

In me and in you

And when on the shore

Of eternity's page,

We'll see all before

In the light of the age

And cast crown and praise

At the foot of His throne,

For through those dark days

He has made us His own.


  1. Replies
    1. Well, I am so happy you do! :) Hope your sky is Sonshiny wherever on the planet you happen to be today.