Sunday, March 30, 2014

Philippians:130 Transformation

“Having the same conflict which ye saw in me, and now hear to be in me.” Philippians 1:30

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As extraordinary as he was, he lived on this planet. 

The apostle had no greater access to grace. Nor had he greater wars to fight than we.

Same war. Same conflict.
Same grace. Same victory.

Only because He’s the same Savior.

Paul fought a good fight.
He finished his course.
He followed the light-
Which brings no remorse

He looked unto Christ,
The Author, the End,
Whose grace had sufficed
To always attend.

How daring and bold!
How valiant his heart!
But scripture has told
Of a different start.

For Paul had been Saul,
A leader for wrong.
And yet came the call,
"With Me you belong."

So if you, like me
Are not yet a Paul,
By faith look and see
What God did to Saul.

Through conflict and grief,
Through trial and test,
God granted belief
Where there'd been unrest.

Our Savior is true.
His grace is the same.
For Paul, me and you
Our Lord overcame!

And so we may walk
In newness of heart,
Secure in the Rock
No more to depart.

Though through desert storm,
And darkest of days,
God's grace can transform
In marvelous ways!

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